Fan Coil Unit


Fan Coil Unit or FCU is a device used in a building to heat or cool a specific space. It is essentially made up of a motor with a fan, a heating or cooling coil connected to the building’s central hot water and cold water system, and valve with a controller. In simple terms, Fan Coil Unit is a heat exchanger where the fan and motor brings air, which is a medium of transfer, to the copper coil. The coil is either having hotter or colder water so transfers the heat to the flowing air.

Standard Features of Fan Coil Unit

  • Airflow range from 400 Cfm to 3000 Cfm.
  • ESP range from 20 Pa ~ 250 Pa.Fan Coil Unit
  • Coil number of rows from 2 to 6 rows.
  • Medium – water.
  • District cooling or chiller.
  • 2 pipe system.
  • GI casing well insulated and robust construction.
  • Forward curved DIDW fan with statically and dynamically balanced impeller to handle high static with low noise.
  • 3 speed permanent split capacitor run, thermally protected motor.
  • Maintenance free permanent lubricated ball bearing.
  • AC 220 ~ 240 volt, 50 Hz, single phase,IP 20, Class B insulated motors with anti vibration rubber mounts.
  • Electronically Commutated ( EC) motors, 50/60 Hz, Class B insulation, IP 20, 3 Speed or Step less control as an option for high efficiency can be provided
  • All motors are wired to a junction box for easy connection. Wiring diagram is pasted beside to identify neutral.
  • Return air plenum and filter.
  • Access panel provided below plenum for access to motor and fan.
  • Aluminium fins are mechanically bonded over 3/8” copper tubes for higher.
  • Copper headers with air vent and drain plug.
  • Low height for fitting in ceiling voids
  • Die cast powder coated drain pan with foam insulation.
  • Coarse filter with upto 65% efficiency.

Optional Features

  • As per IAQ requirements we can provide higher grade filters for our Fan coil Unit. However performance need to be checked with us as a consequence.
  • Split filters can be provided for easy ma
  • Bottom/ Side removable filters can be provided when return is ducted .
  • Bottom return plenum can also be provided.
  • Cutouts can be provided on the plenum sides for treated fresh air entry mixing.
  • Copper fins can be provided for highly corrosive environment.
  • Aluminium fins with coating or fins produced by using coated aluminum fin stock can be provided.
  • Class F insulated motors and higher IP ratings available.
  • Stainless steel drain pans with foam insulation.
  • Extended drain pan and auxiliary drain pans.
  • 2 way / 3 way valves with actuators.
  • Thermostat

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