ABOUT US - FINPOWER (a leading air conditioning equipment manufacturer)

Finpower Aircon L.L.C, a Maxell Group company, incorporated in 2012, is a leading HVAC solution provider, manufacturing energy-efficient air conditioning equipment as well as kitchen ventilation systems, for all kinds of commercial, residential as well as a multitude of other special application and bespoke projects.

Ever since our inception more than a decade ago, Finpower has been enhancing the lives of their customers, helping them breathe cooler and cleaner air and at the same time providing a refreshing atmosphere through our best in class and reliable HVAC products.

Air Conditioning & Kitchen Ventilation Equipment

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we are committed to quality and excellence and passionate about our customer focus and innovation. To help us fulfill this, we have the strong backing of our competent engineering team. Being a top-notch provider of HVAC solutions to diverse and complex design challenges, we are a preferred and trusted choice in the industry. This is vouched by the many prestigious projects that we have bagged and completed.

To also fulfill our commitment towards the environment, we make sure that the HVAC engineering solutions we provide assist in maximizing energy savings and reduce carbon footprints, and consequently result in operational savings for our customers.


Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, we are predominant in Middle East & India and have a global presence to serve and support our customers across the world. Our state-of-the-art and futuristic manufacturing facility that boasts some of the advanced machinery has been designed keeping in mind the intricacies in the manufacturing process and the international standards and is strategically located at Dubai Industrial Park ( former Dubai Industrial city), UAE.


We strive to be a world-class HVAC company that leads the manufacturing industry by providing exceptional products and services at affordable costs.


We are determined to satisfy our clients and customers with excellent quality products and services.

We commit our efforts into creating incomparably efficient and performance-driven products. All these are done with careful concern on the environment so we make it a point to keep our operations eco-friendly and non-destructive.

Our highly skilled professionals serve as the pillar for delivering top-quality output along with exceptionally professional sales service.

Director’s Message

Our innovative approach to manufacture HVAC equipment by highly skilled professionals is the main pillar of delivering high-quality products and dedicatedly provide after-sales service in real professional manner.

– Rajesh Shenoy
Managing Director, Finpower Aircon


In 2012, Maxell Group established Finpower Aircon LLC, in Dubai, UAE, as a dedicated HVAC equipment manufacturing company. Beginning as a small manufacturing unit under Maxell Group, it was formed to focus and cater exclusively to the HVAC industry, offering high quality air conditioning equipment and ventilation systems.

Finpower quickly rose to an ISO 9001:2015 company and ensured a steady growth in the market, having carved a niche for themselves.

With the increasing surge in demand and our drive to cater to more and bigger markets, we expanded our production area from a modest 10,000 sq.ft to a sprawling 56,000 sq.ft.

And to further expand our markets and capture a substantial market share, Finpower began international operations by setting up an additional manufacturing plant at Mangalore, India, as Finpower Aircon Systems Pvt Ltd, that is well equipped with state of the art facilities and has sales offices across India and Qatar.

To keep up the promise of quality, trust and reliability, we have several international product certifications like Eurovent & AHRI, under our belt, for both the manufacturing units.

Currently, Finpower is a well-established and trusted brand in the GCC and India.


Finpower is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization that is fully focused on rising up to the expected standards of our customers. Guaranteeing quality at each and every phase, from conception to design to production and after sales, we are working towards the goal of total quality management.

Health & Safety

We have always prioritized our commitment to ensure the highest standards of health and safety. We stringently follow the HSE guidelines to safeguard our employees and customers against all workplace dangers and accidents.

To create a safe work environment, we always ensure that:

  • Proper equipment/machinery training is given to our personnel;
  • It is mandatory for workers, other employees, and visitors, to wear safety equipment (PPE) when entering the factory premises;
  • Work areas and emergency exits are kept clear always and that there are emergency action plans in place;
  • Eliminate the possibility of fire hazards (like proper storing of combustible materials);
  • Objects are stacked and stored properly without the danger of falling or toppling over;
  • Proper work breaks;
  • Excellent first aid kit & first aid training;
  • Frequent mock fire drills.

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