Air Handling Units(AHU)

SK 50T Series

When it comes to Air Handling Units(AHU), Finpower is a trusted name in the UAE. Air Handling Units(AHU) are primarily used to regulate, re-condition, and circulate air as part of an HVAC system, in order to improve the indoor air quality and ensure a fresh, comfortable, and conditioned environment. Featuring excellent mechanical performance according to EN 1886 and reliable performance, our Air Handling Units(AHU) are Eurovent certified and provide superior performance. Finpower employs leading and advanced technology to design and manufacture energy-efficient and premium quality air handling units that are guaranteed to minimize carbon footprints and maximize cost savings for our customers.

  • SK 50T SERIES.
  • Fresh air handling units are constructed in thermal break profiles.
  • High-quality CFC-free injected polyurethane foam. Rock wool/fiberglass insulation can be provided as required.
  • Floor Mounted or Ceiling Suspended type.
  • High efficiency backward curved fans tested and certified by AMCA in accordance with AMCA 210 for air performance and AMCA 300 for sound performance and FEG certified fans.
  • Cooling coils of copper fins and copper tubes / anti-corrosive coating. Stainless steel casing etc can be provided as well.
  • With EC motors for special applications e.g. LEED, green building concepts.
  • UL Certified Electric heaters.
  • Stainless steel drain pan as per ASHRAE 62.2.
  • Suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Can be customized according to the site requirement.
  • VFD /Starter control panel can be provided.
  • Airflow available from 1700 CMH to 68000 CMH.