Ecology Units

RSK-25-ECO Series

Ecology unit is an important part of the ventilation system and aids in eliminating all odors and effluents emerging from kitchens, especially commercial ones.
Finpower’s Eurovent certified Ecology units ensure a clean environment and has a compact design, that befits all kinds of complex kitchen designs and is easy to maintain.

  • RSK-25-ECO Series
  • Odour and smoke removal system
  • Backward curve type non overloading fans
  • UL certified Filters as per EN 1822 standard
  • Activated carbon type refillable filter tray Type
  • Suitable for Kitchen exhaust and laboratory exhaust
  • With control panel as an option


  • Electrostatic Filters
  • UL /CE certified UV lamps
  • UL rated Fire dampers
  • Motor outside the air stream