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 Condensing Units / Air-Cooled Condenser

Firstly Finpower manufactured – Air-cooled condensers / Condensing Units use ambient air in order to cool and cycle refrigerant. Secondly, these can often be seen outdoors, as they are commonly used in exterior units in residential and rooftop cooling systems. Thirdly, and most importantly, the condensing unit manufactured by Finpower is a key component of all vapor compression systems.

The condenser is an important component of any vapor compression system. In a typical refrigerant condenser, the refrigerant enters the condenser in a superheated state. It is first de-superheated and then condensed by rejecting heat to an external medium. The refrigerant may leave the condenser as a saturated or a sub-cooled liquid, depending upon the temperature of the external medium and design of the condenser.

Why Air-cooled condensing unit?

  • Availability of air is in plenty.
  • Disposal of warm air is not a problem.
  • Simple in construction, as there are no pipes required for air.
  • The fouling of the condenser is small.
  • The maintenance cost is low.

What makes Finpower condensing unit?

  • Compressor: Single or Dual Hermetic sealed scroll compressors are used due to the high efficiency, which results from higher compression achieved at a lower rate of leakage.
  • Condensers: They are basically heat exchangers in which refrigerant undergoes a phase change. However, they are formed of seamless smooth surface or inner grooved copper tubing with mechanically bonded aluminum alloy plate fin slit type.
  • Air as an external medium: to cool the superheated vapor and then condensed by rejecting heat to an external medium
  • Cabinets: The unit cabinets are constructed of heavily zinc-coated galvanized steel. These are chemically cleaned and phosphatized to bond the specially formulated corrosion inhibiting, polyester powder coating.
  • Condenser Fan & Motor: Direct drive propeller type, aluminum alloy blades with permanently lubricated ball bearing and internal thermal protected, class F motors.

Finpower manufacturer & supplier of Condensing Unit provides efficient, low noise, eco-design compliance with Zero ODP (R407C/R410A) refrigerant. Our premium product–condensing unit has strong built with smooth aesthetics. Similarly, Finpower manufactured – condensing units have a significant impact on the productivity, reliability & energy efficiency of the building no matters the scale of your location, In conclusion, we can provide a unit that is highly efficient, sustainable & serviceable.

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