DX – FAHU Connection – One Point Sheet

Installation Recommendations for Fresh Air Handling Unit(FAHU): Select a location that is convenient and safe for installation and subsequent maintenance work. This includes replacing all internal components around the unit (e.g. removing heat exchange coils, filters, etc.).

Installation Recommendations for DX Condensing Units: Please follow the recommendation to avoid performance drop. Ensure the list of materials received in the project. FAHU, number of CDU as per the agreed capacity, VFD starter panel with logic sequence been programmed in controller.

Particular attention should be paid to the location of the condensing unit with respect to structures, obstructions, other units, and other factors that may affect airflow. If possible, it should not completely cover the top of the device. However, if it must be placed under an obstacle in a vertical position, a distance of at least 1.5 meters should be maintained between the top of the device and the obstacle. The specified dimensions meet the requirements for air circulation only. Please refer to applicable regulatory requirements before confirming clearance.

Notes on connections to be taken into consideration

Place the equipment on a solid and smooth surface with proper vibration Arrestance. Units to be ideally placed where dust and debris are not sucked by the condenser coil

  • Hot Air: Open to air till 3 mtr all around.
  • Intake: Hot discharge from CDU’s not to pass through FAHU intake.
  • Pipe sizes mentioned in the CDU datasheet are for a 15 mtr distance, if exceed, Kindly contact the manufacturer or representative.
  • The suction line is to be properly insulated.
  • The condensing unit is not to be placed directly near the suction of the FAHUs. The approximate distance of 6 meters is to be maintained between FAHU and condensing units.
  • The condensing units are not to be installed in an enclosed area or a well-like structure leading to short cycling of the exhaust air from the condensing unit. Wall and metal louvers forms as wall to be maintained with 1.5 mtr and condensing units to another unit to be maintained with 3 mtr distance.
  • All the fresh air handling units are to be installed with sand trap louvers or cowls.
  • The maximum operating temp for proposed CDUs is 52° C.
  • Always direct torch flame away from valve body when brazing and wrap expansion valve body with a wet rag.
  • Valves may be installed in any position but should be located as close as possible to the distributor or evaporator inlet.
  • Attach the remote bulb to the suction line as close to the evaporator outlet as possible on a horizontal run. Position the bulb at the 3 or 4 o’clock position. Clean the surface of the suction line where the remote bulb is to be attached, and then securely fasten the bulb with the straps provided.
  • Connect one end of the external equalizer line to the valve. Connect the other end to the suction line slightly downstream from the remote bulb location and position so that it cannot siphon oil from the suction line.